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Making A Living,



By: Cameron Sweet

With this body of work, with interests of portrait/fashion photography, I decided I wanted to show a more personal side by documenting the moments of my Father. I've been inspired by seeing Philip Toledono's work, "Days with my Father" and works of Gordon Parks. I found Black and White to be more meaningful but settle as well.  


Capturing how he lives on a day-to-day basis and how he manages to keep himself in good spirit despite the hardships, has played a big role in this series. He's a diabetic and dialysis patient that receives treatment 3 times a week. These things could've been preventable if he took his health more seriously. I want this work to be able to show awareness to those who are maybe going the wrong way in health, but also that life is still precious. To face the fears and cherish the days that are given.

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